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The Linc - Joe Banner Unleashed On The Public

The Vick Offense & Its Explosive Wide Receivers — McNabb or Kolb | Philadelphia Eagles Blog
The Eagles offense under Vick has seen an increase in targets to wide receivers.

Joe Banner: We want championships - NFC East Blog - ESPN
"We're trying to win a championship every year," Banner told reporters in Philadelphia on Tuesday. "We honestly haven't gone into any of the recent years without thinking we had a reasonable chance to win. If we don't win it next year, we're not going to make any excuses. "We're not setting the bar any lower than going all the way to win a championship. We don't have a problem with people holding us to that."

Banner doesn't doubt Castillo
Eagles president Joe Banner knows better than to doubt whether Juan Castillo will be successful as a defensive coordinator.

After tagging Vick, Akers, Eagles' Banner keeps cool amid labor uncertainty | Philadelphia Daily News | 02/16/2011
SOME PEOPLE LOOK at the possibility of a shortened NFL offseason after a projected lockout and see chaos. Eagles president Joe Banner sees potential "value opportunities" for a team he feels will have plenty of room to maneuver under whatever salary cap structure emerges in a new collective bargaining agreement.

The NFL Lockout Needs A Villain, And Panthers Owner Jerry Richardson Looks Perfect -
NFL owners like Jerry Richardson are further apart than ever before with the NFL players association, and a lockout seems imminent next month. If that happens, who can we blame?  Woman admits to Eagles ticket scam
A Massachusetts woman, who bilked $3,100 from an Upper Dublin businessman in a Philadelphia Eagles season ticket scam, Tuesday paid partial restitution to the victim.

Westbrook Horse Farm
Brian Westbrook just launched this site to promote his horse farm in Maryland.

From The Brotherly Game: Stache Bash Shirts To 'Help Kick Hunger' - Bleeding Green Nation
The Brotherly Game partnered with Bark Tees and the Sons of Ben to benefit Chester City. All profits from the sales of the shirts goes to benefit the "Help Kick Hunger" charity, which goes towards the Bernardine Center. The shirts feature Benjamin Franklin with a Rollie Fingers-like mustache, sports general (not soccer specific).

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