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Member Of The "Never Miss A Superbowl Club" Dies

Bob Cook is the man with the goatee
Bob Cook is the man with the goatee

By now everyone has seen the Visa ad that featured four old guys who have been to every Superbowl and call themselves the "never miss a Superbowl club." One of the men, Bob Cook, has died. The diehard Packers fan was forced to watch his team win it all from his hospital bed and died one week later.

His wife said that they were packed and ready to go to Superbowl this year, but he fell ill the morning he was to leave and had to be hospitalized for a blood infection. His wife said that despite being in the hospital, he was able to enjoy the Packers victory.

arah Cook said her husband liked to say he "bled green and gold" -- the Packers colors. "He just enjoyed his Pack," Cook said. Sarah Cook said her husband taught his children and grandchildren to sing the Packers fight song, and he started singing it at the hospital after the team scored their first two touchdowns in this year's game."

A bummer to hear for sure. I remember a few stories like this when the Phillies won the title in 2008. A grandfather who was a lifelong fan, that was able to see a title before he died. Harry Kalas is maybe the greatest example...

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