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The Linc - Lockout Or Not, The Draft Will Happen

NFL Notebook: Beyond draft, nothing is guaranteed
There will be a draft, that much is certain. But with CBA talks in limbo, commissioner Roger Goodell and the NFL can guarantee little else. By Ray Didinger

2011 NFL Team Needs (Eagles) | National Football Post
Year after year, Andy Reid continues to do one of the best coaching jobs in the NFL. He is also good at identifying needs and finding replacements. The Eagles have a solid team, they just need to add depth. On the offensive line a young guard/center is needed as well as a developing tackle. On defense when Asante Samuel was hurt, the Eagles struggled in the secondary. They need to add depth at the corner position. The same can be said for linebacker. After Stewart Bradley was injured the linebacker play fell off.

Mosher: Players, owners can't agree if they won't even talk | The News Journal |
It's not yet time to bite off your fingernails about the potential of a lockout that could threaten how your favorite NFL team is built for September -- or whether NFL football will even be played in September. But it's getting close.

A simple solution to the rookie wage scale problem | ProFootballTalk
The various issues to be resolved in the current labor dispute include an effort by the NFL to reel in the windfalls paid to unproven rookies at the top of the draft. The problem is real, though the causes of it are subject to debate.

Rosenhaus: Burress ‘doing great', could be ready to play again - Shutdown Corner - NFL  - Yahoo! Sports
A reliable report from a reliable source.

A NFL Stoppage Guarantees a Redskins Super Bowl...So Says History - Hogs Haven
The last two times there was a stoppage in NFL, the Redskins won Super Bowls. I find similarities with our current situations to those of years past.

2008 Giants Draft Review: Kenny Phillips Class Not What It Could Have Been - Big Blue View
Most NFL experts tell you it takes three seasons to fully judge the success or failure of a team's particular draft class. In general, I agree with that sentiment. By that theory we should now be able to get a good read on exactly what the Giants hauled in with their selections in the 2008 NFL Draft.

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