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Could Kevin Kolb End Up As Part Of A Bengals QB Carousel?

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CBS NFL analyst and former Cincinnati Bengal Solomon Wilcots has an idea for how his old team can solve its QB crisis this offseason. Carson Palmer has publicly demanded a trade, put his house up for sale, and appears to have every intention to leave. Of course, given his play in recent years... the Bengals might not be too upset to see him go. So what should the Bengals do? According to Wilcots, trade for Kevin Kolb. Here's his plan.

The Bengals take their fourth overall pick in the upcoming draft and send it to the Philadelphia Eagles for their pick at 23 in the first round plus quarterback Kevin Kolb and the Eagles. At the same time trade Palmer to the Seattle Seahawks for their pick at 25 in the first round. Presto! The Bengals get a starting quarterback in Kolb and have two first round picks.

"They (Eagles) will not turn down the fourth overall pick in the draft," said Wilcots. "And the Bengals will not find a player at the quarterback position better than Kevin Kolb in this draft."

The dearth of top QB talent in this draft certainly does play into the Eagles hands. If there was every a year you wanted to have a young QB available for trade, this is a pretty good one. Check after the jump for some analysis on this deal.

Wilcots scenario is an interesting one for all teams involved. For the Eagles, the benefit is obvious. They get the #4 overall pick in the draft, which would be well worth Kolb and the #25 pick. In fact, the Bengals beat writer who interviewed Wilcots for the story even said he'd settled for the Eagles second rounder in the deal. Obviously, the Eagles couldn't make that deal fast enough.

For the Seahawks, it's a bit dicey. The thought here is that Pete Carroll would like be re-united with his ex USC QB Palmer. The question is whether Palmer is still worth a first round pick? Probably not. He'll turn 32 next season and really hasn't been an elite QB in 3-4 seasons. Ever since that awful injury in the playoffs against the Steelers, he really hasn't looked the same. Still, he was an elite QB, he's not that old, and a change scenery that gets him out of Cincy really could do him good. And even if Seattle sends a second round pick or a package similar to what the Eagles got for McNabb, this is still a good deal for the Bengals.

For the Bengals, they clear up the Palmer situation and get themselves a QB of the future. Plus, if it all shakes out like Wilcots planned they'd end up with two first round picks as well. It would be a quite a coup for a Bengals team who has never shown that kind of ingenuity. In fact, if a deal like this happened, it would almost have to have been initiated by one of the other teams involved.

It's an interesting idea and one that could truly be a win-win-win. That said, how often to do deal like this every happen in the NFL? Almost never...

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