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Another Possible Kevin Kolb Destination: Minnesota Vikings

Brett Favre appears to have finally retired for real, which means the Minnesota Vikings are left without a clear alternative at starting QB. They could always go back to the Tarvaris Jackson well or pray for a miracle with Joe Webb, but the most likely scenario is that they go outside of the organization for a new signal caller. As the holder of the #12 overall pick in the draft, they'll probably have their pick of most of the top rated QBs this year... but that's mostly because there's not a AAA rated starter in this class anyway.

The other option is to basically retry the Favre experiment and go out and get an older veteran. Kyle Orton will be a free agent or Donovan McNabb can probably be had for relatively cheap. Their third option could be Kevin Kolb. He's sort of a mix between option #2 and #3 in that he's young and could be your QB for many years, but he's not some NFL starts under his belt and has been in an NFL system.

The Daily Norseman, our Vikings site, ran a poll to gauge their readers interest in a trade for Kolb. As of this writing 24% are in favor of trading the #12 overall pick for him, while 38% think the #12 pick might be too much but are still in favor of a Kolb trade. So add the Vikings along with the Browns and Cardinals to the list of fanbases debating the merits of a Kolb trade.

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