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Mark Buehrle Is Ok With Killing Animals For Fun After All

Earlier this week, White Sox pitcher Mark Buerhle made some headlines by paying for the vet bills of a dog who was found with an arrow shot through it's abdomen. Remember that it was an arrow, that will be important later. Now, Buehrle whose wife is a big animal lover, actually admitted that he was hoping Michael Vick would get injured last year because Mark (most likely his wife) is still angry at him.

Let's forget for a moment that Mark apparently doesn't seeing spending two years in federal prison or losing all your money as "something bad." How do you suppose the great animal lover and defender Mark Buehrle spends his leisure time? He spends it killing animals. Thanks to Can't Stop The Bleeding for unearthing this gem.

Buehrle, Jim Thome, Jermaine Dye and A.J. Pierzynski took a bear-hunting trip following Saturday's victory, an excursion set up by Twins broadcaster Dan Gladden on the property of a friend. Buehrle made the only kill of the day, using a bow, but it turned into a memorable moment with Thome right beside him.

The quartet went hunting at about 6 p.m. CT, giving them about one hour before the sun set. The kill was made from about 20 yards away, and the bear ran about another 30 yards before going down. Buehrle plans to have the head stuffed and have a necklace made out of a bear claw. He added with a smile that Jon Garland expressed interest in getting one, too.

I'm sorry, I just don't see the huge jump here. Sure, he didn't torture animals like Vick did... I get that there are degrees. But he does kill animals purely for his own pleasure. And by the way, he does it with bow and arrows. So he's outraged that someone would shoot a dog with an arrow, but he finds killing other animals with an arrow totally cool. In fact it's fun. I just don't see how you can both murder animals purely for your own enjoyment and also be so taken aback by what Michael Vick did that you hope he gets injured.

You can be outraged by what Michael Vick has done in his past, and you can go out kill bears to make necklaces out of them... but you can't do both.

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