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DeSean Jackson Talks About His Experience With Nadin Khoury

Judging by the 87,000 hits on the youtube video I put up of DeSean Jackson's appearance on the View, chances are that by now you've probably heard the story of Nadin Khoury. He's the young kind from Upper Darby who was beat up up by seven bigger kids in a brutal bullying incident that was caught on video. Jackson, along with Todd Herremans and Jamaal Jackson, surprised the boy on the View and the story really has become viral.

Jackson joined "PFT Live" to talk about his meeting with Nadin and was asked how it all came about?

"It actually fell into my lap honestly. My public relations people with the Philadelphia Eagles you know kind of came up with an opportunity for me and this kind of happened after the Pro Bowl and right before the Super Bowl and my schedule is very hectic. I had the email come across my phone and I guess in the midst of me doing every thing I was doing I wasn't sure if I was really going to make it. Reading that email it touched me right away. I just couldn't do nothing, but go help that boy out man."

Jackson said he was inspired by the courage it took for Nadin to go on national TV and tell his story

"Yeah honestly man it touched my heart. For that young boy to get in there in front of the whole world and talk as well as he talked, well mannered, like I said at the end of the day he did nothing wrong and it's unfortunate for him to get punished like that. The biggest thing I can do is relay a message that a lot of kids are going through this now and are afraid to speak up to their parents or they're afraid to tell the teacher or principal because I mean it's the image you know. Your peers kind of make fun of you and talk about you, but he was brave. He [Nadin Khoury] didn't care what people thought about him. It was like he wanted his story to be heard and I was blessed to be there and kind of help him get through this story."

You can read the full interview at Sports Radio Interviews or check out the video at Pro Football Talk. Oh and what the hell, here's the video again. Get out your tissues.

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