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Greatest Football Movie Of All Time Tourney

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Now that the offseason is upon us and no one knows whether there will even be any football to talk about in the coming months, I thought it would be fun to steal an idea from one of our SB Nation bros and do a NCAA tourney style bracket of the greatest football movies of all time. Rather than go through and pick them all myself, I figured I'd open it up to the community for nominations. So depending on how many we get, let's look to do a field of 32 max.

You give the nominations, then we'll figure out our #1 seeds and I'll seed the rest. Then we can spend the next month or so voting and narrowing it down to the best football of all time.

Also, let's all just assume that "Invincible" is on the list and probably a #1 seed.

I'll just get the ball rolling with a couple of my favorites. Wildcats, with Goldie Hawn, which not only is a great football movie but has one of the more unexpected nude scenes I can remember... My dad showed me that movie when I was like 9 by the way. Little Giants was always a favorite of mine growing up and honestly if I was voting on sentiment alone, this could very well be my winner.

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