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Jim Washburn, Too Dumb To Be Defensive Coordinator

It's fun to hear Jim Washburn talk. Andy Reid's staff has never been known for its personality. In fact, if you've ever listened to one of Brad Childress' press conferences, his proteges may be even more boring than himself... So it's certainly a breath of fresh air to hear a character like Washburn. I loved his response to the question of whether he was interested in being defensive coordinator.

"I'm a trench dude. I can help out with the crunch stuff and I've got some ideas but that's not my deal. I tried to be a coordinator one time but I sucked, I was terrible. I just couldn't do it, I wasn't wired that way. [Jeff] Fisher interviews me at Mobile 15 years ago and says, ‘Hey Wash, do you want to be a head coach some day?' And I said, ‘Nuh uh.' He said, ‘Well, do you want to be a coordinator?' And I said, ‘Well, I already did it and I sucked at it.' He said, ‘Well, I got it. You want to be the greatest defensive line coach in history right?' And I said, ‘No, I want to coach the best defensive line in football.'

Suffice to say, Washburn is on board with the Eagles new "keep it simple" philosophy on defense.

"I’ll tell you this – you want me to take the Wunderlic test?" Washburn said, referring to the controversial intelligence test administered to college seniors hoping to be drafted. "I’m not kidding you. I don’t read well. I told Andy, I’m a dumbass.  If it’s complicated, if I have to think too much, I can’t do things. I can’t do two things at once. Give me a task to do, I can do it. And these linemen aren’t much different mentally than I am."

I gotta say, he makes a pretty good point at the end there. Click after the jump for his not so subtle dig at Sean McDermott.

He clearly knows what makes lineman tick and when you get too fancy, like he implies McDermott did, it disheartens those guys.

"Sometimes, I think we make it too complicated," Washburn said. "I don’t think, I know. I think we want to let the players play. Trent Cole, guys like that, when they drop back in coverage or do all this other stuff, it disheartens them sometimes. They just want to do what they do. They just want to play, you know?"

As Moving the Chains pointed out, Trent Cole dropped into coverage 43 times last season. I wouldn't bet on that happening again. Also, does It not seem pretty clear to me that Trent told Washburn exactly what he thought of how McDermott used him?

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