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Kevin Kolb: "I Just Want To Start Somewhere"

Eagles once future starter Kevin Kolb joined Dan Patrick today to discuss his future and the possibility that the Eagles could trade him this offseason. He says that he's discussed his desire to have a chance to start somewhere and that he trusts that Andy Reid will do what is right for his career.

"My big deal is I just want to start somewhere," Kolb told Patrick. "I feel like I'm ready and have confidence that I can do a good job.

"I had a meeting with Andy, and told him that I feel like I'm prepared, I'm ready to take that next step ... People may call me crazy, but I trust Andy. He's always done what's best for (me) and our team and my career. I really believe that. And I know he'll do the same thing here, regardless of what that may be, whatever he thinks is right. But I'm looking into my fifth year now so it's time. I think I've learned as much as I can possibly learn by sitting on the bench and watching and coming in in relief. I'm ready to just get out there and get in that full mode of being a starter, (having) the entire offseason, the whole deal. There are going to be some highs and lows and some bumps. I know that. But I'm ready to iron those out on the field and then keep moving forward and getting better as a football player."

Kolb did acknowledge that it's unlikely any decisions will be made on his future until the new CBA is dealt with. Also, is it odd that I hear Kolb's accent in my head when I read his quotes?

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