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Packers' Winston Moss Seems Interested In Eagles Defensive Coordinator Job

Just about a week after Packers' secondary coach Darren Perry expressed that he was flattered to be connected to the Eagles vacant defensive coordinator job, Green Bay's assistant head coach/LB coach Winston Moss seemed to let it be known that he's interested as well. Moss is a guy that many Eagles fans and writers immediately mentioned when Sean McDermott was fired.

Moss started off telling Jeff McLane about what an influence the late Jim Johnson was on him when the two worked together in Seattle. Then, the conversation turned to the Eagles...

"The Eagles have some established talent there right now," Moss said. "It would be fun to work with that group. They work extremely hard. They play on a fanatical level. They have some playmakers on that defense. In carefully looking at them and then competing against them twice [this season], that would be a fantastic opportuntity."

So he says he'd like to work here, then he basically begins to campaign.

"It's a very tough culture there," he said. "It's a very aggressive culture there. It's a very fearless culture. You can tell how Andy Reid attacks people from his offenseive scheme that that's what he wants. And I believe that I have that same passion. I have that same relentess, fearless desire to get a defense to want to be able to compete at that same level."

He even dispelled the notion that he's a "3-4 guy" after working under Dom Capers.

"The most important thing from my perspective is to identify the talent that's already on the team and then, if it's conducive, to go to a 4-3 scheme," Moss said. "I can do that as well. If it's more important to stay within a 3-4 scheme I'm very well-equipped to do that, as well."

At this point, it would at least be a bit of a surprise if Moss didn't at least get an interview. If he doesn't with the Eagles, he'll surely get one in Oakland if not Arizona as well. That is provided that the Packers give him permission, but I think his statements above indicate that he wouldn't be happy if Mike McCarthy stood in his way.

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