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Cleveland Browns Fans Not Clamoring For Kevin Kolb

Since reports leaked out that the Eagles may look to trade Kevin Kolb this offseason, writers covering teams with suspect QB situations have started to weigh in/take the the pulse of the fans on a possible trade of Kolb to their team. One such team is the Cleveland Browns. Cleveland would appear to be a fit for a Kolb for a couple reasons. One, their QB situation isn't settled despite the fact that Colt McCoy showed some flashes, former Eagles GM Tom Heckert was part of the team that drafted Kolb and has spoken highly of him, Browns head coach Pat Shurmur has coached Kolb and will be looking to install the exact Andy Reid style west coast offense that Kolb already knows. Plus, Andy Reid and Mike Holmgren are friends and the teams have done deals together in the past.

So the Cleveland Plain-Dealer ran a poll on their website asking Browns fans if they would be happy to see a trade for Kolb? After 4,000 votes, it's 75% against and 25% for. Clearly Browns fans are not excited about the prospect of KK.

In a lot of ways I can understand. They already have a young QB in Colt McCoy, who while not particularly impressive, probably did enough that no one is going to call him a bust just yet. Plus, given that they just invested a 2nd 3rd rounder in McCoy and spent a first rounder on Brady Quinn recently, it's understandable that the fanbase would be gunshy about spending yet another high pick on a QB. Frankly, I can't blame them.

Of course, let's also not discount the nature of just being a fan. For a lot of people, the mere suggestion that some other teams' player is better than yours is blasphemy and clearly Kolb is a no talent loser that the Eagles are trying to pawn off on some unsuspecting team desperate for a QB. Of course, when your team actually does trade for him... he becomes a nearly can't miss prospect destined for a career that's maybe not quite Joe Montana, but probably better than Dan Marino.

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