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Take Solace, The Eagles Are Not The Bengals

There's been some hand wringing among Eagles fans lately about the teams' slow search for a new defensive coordinator. As I've said before, in the end they'll get judged on who they hire and now when... but I do understand that frustration as the Eagles are one of only three teams without a defensive coordinator right now. But otherwise, the team appears headed for a relatively tame offseason, especially by Eagles standards. The QB and coach are pretty much secured. There aren't a ton of big free agents set for departure and overall the team is pretty stable.

Contrast that with the Cincinnati Bengals. They waited until yesterday to make the decision to fire their offensive coordinator. So if the Eagles search has been a bit slow, at least it had started quickly after the season. Couple that with the fact that their starting QB has openly demanded a trade and their "star" WR and coach are openly feuding with one another. Let's also not forget that they're coming off a 4-win season where they regressed from last year and decided that this was a good time to reward their coach with an extension.

EREX21 pointed out in the comments that the Titans don't have a head coach or a staff at all.

That makes our big offseason question of "why has it taken 3 weeks to hire a coordinator?" seem pretty small.

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