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The Linc - DRC May Return Sunday Vs Dolphins

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32 Teams, 32 Observations, Week 13 |
While Cullen Jenkins and Mike Patterson have done fine at rushing the passer, Derek Landri (189) has played too well against the run to ignore. 11 of his 13 plays have ended up in stops.

Reid Denies Castillo Report
The coach says he hasn't been told he'll have to fire his defensive coordinator in order to keep his job.

DRC expects to be back Sunday vs. Dolphins
Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie has healed enough from his high ankle sprain and expects to play on Sunday.

Eagles-Dolphins: Same record, opposite directions
Like the Eagles, Matt Moore and the Dolphins own a 4-8 record. But unlike the Birds, they've won four of their last five.

LeSean on potentially being NFL's rushing leader | Eagletarian | 12/07/2011
"You take it along, right with the team things," McCoy said. "You always try to win games. I never catch myself in a game worrying, like, ‘aw, man, I gotta get a couple yards, I gotta get this and that.’ … Maybe later, after the game, you think ‘how’d I do, statswise?’ … I’d be lying if I said it wouldn’t be something special to do, to kind of say that you led the league in rushing. That’s something big."

Eagles LT Jason Peters Becoming Special Player - SB Nation Philly
Jason Peters has gone from good LT to a whole other level? What happened and what is he doing so well?

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