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Michael Vick Upset To Hear Speculation About Andy Reid's Job

Michael Vick owes a lot to Andy Reid. Not only was Reid the guy who gave him his shot to return to the NFL, but under his tutelage, Vick has transformed himself into essentially a new player. So it stands to reason that of all Eagles, he's the least likely to want to see Andy Reid fired.

He told reporters this week, that he doesn't think the Eagles disappointing record is the coach's fault and doesn't think he'll be fired at the end of the year.

"I'm not concerned about Coach Reid's situation; I think everything is going to be just fine. I mean, we had our bad breaks this year, let's be honest and let's be candid right now. We've had our bad breaks, games that we should have won, put ourselves in awesome positions to be in the ballgame and just couldn't pull it out whether we did it on offense or defense. Honestly, I just don't think Coach Reid had anything to do with that. We all have watched the games, we've all seen it, we were all a part of it, we know the reasons why we didn't pull them out and it wasn't coach's fault. To hear that, it kind of upsets me, but I'm in such a good mood right now, I really won't get in to the logistics of everything. I just know everything is going to be fine."

Jeremy Maclin also expressed his support for the coach and doesn't think Andy's mindset will change due to the calls for his job.

"It's unfortunate that everything's kind of been said, whatever's going on. But Coach Reid's a good guy, a great dude, so I'm pretty sure he'll definitely handle it in the right way. And like I said, we all support him 100 percent."

Then again, what else would they say?

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