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Michael Vick Plans To Play This Weekend

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These last few games of the season may not mean a whole lot in the gran scheme of things, but they're going to be played anyway and there us fans might as well try to enjoy them. And I think no matter who you are, you'll agree that this team is at least a lot more fun to watch with Michael Vick at the helm rather than Vince Young. So it's good news to hear that Michael Vick practiced today and plans to play this weekend against the Miami Dolphins.

"Threw the ball around a little bit and just gained confidence in the areas where I'd felt hampered a little bit," Vick said. "It feels like I haven't played in a month or so ... I'm happy that I completed practice, and I'm looking forward to a great week."

Jeremy Maclin did participate in the light practice today, but he told reporters that was for precautionary reasons and he does intend to be a part of the official practice on Wednesday and play this weekend.

And really, what I said about Vick applies to Maclin as well. If we've got to watch four more Eagles games, I'd rather see Jeremy Maclin out there catching passes rather than Riley Cooper.

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