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Don Banks On The Steve Spagnuolo To Eagles Possibility

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There's been a lot of speculation surrounding the future of Rams head coach Steve Spagnuolo in recent weeks. Many feel that he'll be fired on Monday, which would make him arguably the most sought after coordinator candidate on the market potentially making more money than even some head coaches. SI's Don Banks guesses that the Giants and Eagles could both have interest, but the Eagles might have a special edge.

Keep in mind a couple things: Spagnuolo still owns a home in Philly, and it's where his wife is from. And he and Andy Reid parted on good enough terms, as he did with Tom Coughlin in New York. Spagnuolo might even surface as the natural heir apparent for both the Eagles and Giants, whenever Reid and Coughlin are done.

Spags has of course worked for Andy Reid and Tom Coughlin before so it makes sense that there would be a comfort level and mutual interest there if in fact they fire their current coordinators, Perry Fewell and Juan Castillo.

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