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Sports Illustrated: Eagles Are The #7 Story In The NFL This Year

SI's Don Banks compiled his list of the top 10 stories in the NFL this year and the Eagles came in at #7. Specifically, the fact that the Eagles took 14 weeks until it was pretty much too late to start playing like the team we expected them to be.

7. The Dream Team wakes up belatedly. I'm sure Vince Young wishes he had that one back. No, not any particular pass he has thrown since arriving in Philadelphia this summer. You know, the label he tossed out there so cavalierly at his first Eagles press conference, the one that's been used to beat him and anything wearing green and white senseless all season long. To be sure (and a little bit snarky yet again), there have not been any Dream Teams playing in Philly this year. Once the lockout was over, the Eagles went on an acquisition frenzy, landing the likes of cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha, defensive end Cullen Jenkins, defensive end Jason Babin, cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, running back Ronnie Brown, ex-Giants receiver Steve Smith and Young. But all it won them was the underachievement of the year award, and a third-place 7-8 record with no chance to make the playoffs entering Week 17. The Eagles are finishing strong with three consecutive victories, but this wasn't how the story was supposed to go in 2011.

Best thing about 2011 ending? That the "Dream Team" moniker goes away...

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