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The Linc - Seahawks Upset After Cole Takedown Ends Okung's Season news: Seahawks' Carroll calls play that injured LT Okung 'out of line'
Already hampered by two major season-ending knee injuries along the offensive line, the Seattle Seahawks lost left tackle Russell Okung for the rest of the season on a play that coach Pete Carroll called "out of line" on Friday. "He got grabbed under the arm and thrown down to the ground. It had nothing to do with the play. It wasn't a late hit," Carroll said. "It might look like he was trying to disengage and that might be what they say and all, but it was really late and it was really out of line unfortunately."

No-heart Eagles have completely given up
t may go down as one of Merrill Reese’s great calls because it was so on target. He didn’t realize it as he said it, but he was summing up this entire Eagles season. It was the call on Thursday’s first touchdown, the 15-yard run by Seattle’s Marshawn Lynch. You know the play. Lynch took a handoff, disappeared into the line, popped out the other side and ran into the end zone. As Lynch went into the line, Merrill said: "There’s nothing there…"

DeSean Jackson only harming his market value | National Football Post
In a contract year, DeSean Jackson seemingly is doing everything imaginable to damage his market value.

Re-Rating the Eagles Offseason - SB Nation Philly
The Eagles moves made a lot of sense back in the summer. Going 4-8 means that wasn't true. Which ones worked/didn't work and why?

NFL Teams Say No To Donovan McNabb
Donovan McNabb cleared waivers on Friday, meaning 31 teams passed on signing the former Philadelphia Eagles' quarterback. McNabb's career could be over.

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