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The Linc - An Interesting Perspective On Castillo

Phil Sheridan: For Eagles and Phils, the slide started Oct. 2 | Philadelphia Inquirer | 12/27/2011
As we near the end of 2011, the Year That Wasn't in Philadelphia sports, it is natural to look back and wonder just what hit us. How did we get from August, when the Phillies and Eagles had us dreaming of two parades, to today, when we can't wait to hang that new calendar on the wall? The answer: Oct. 2.

Roob's 25 Random Eagles Points
One more week. Twenty-five random thoughts. All Eagles (well, kind of). Courtesy of Reuben Frank.

Castillo future a big D-cision for Birds | Philadelphia Daily News | 12/27/2011
Was the problem in the first five games that Castillo was overmatched, or was it an overall lack of talent up the gut of the defense? You can answer it either way, but there is a problem. If you decide that Castillo was overmatched at the start of the season, you can only conclude that he isn't overmatched anymore. And if you decide that the problem was a talent problem at linebacker and safety, well, now that the numbers and the results are so much better, what exactly is the issue?

Report: Gruden staying in broadcast booth
Jon Gruden, sources say, will be back with ESPN next season. He was rumored to be in line to replace Steve Spagnuolo as the Rams head coach.

Philadelphia 76ers Lou Williams Stops Armed Robber - Four For Four - SB Nation Philly
This is just a crazy story.

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