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Mosley: Felix Jones' Status Depends On Giants Game

Matt Mosley is reporting that the status of Cowboys RB Felix Jones later today could depend on the outcome of the Giants game this afternoon. Mosley says that if the Giants lose, the Cowboys will rest their injured RB and Sammy Morris will carry the load for them. If the Giants win, Jones is "50-50" to play.

For the Cowboys, a Giants loss means that they only need to win one more game to clinch the division. If the Giants win, Dallas needs to beat both the Eagles and Giants. [Note by JasonB, 12/24/11 3:18 PM EST ] Had that backwards. If the Giants win, Dallas needs to beat them next week no matter what happens in their game against the Eagles. So the thinking here would appear to be that if they had the chance, they'd rather Jones rest his hammy for a potential winner take all game against New York next week.

For me, he's either healthy or he isn't. It would be foolish for Jason Garrett to sit a player today unless he absolutely had to.

For the Eagles, this news is great if true. They'd get a Giants loss and face Dallas without their best remaining back.

Update by Route36: John Clayton is reporting that Jones is active today.

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