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Jason Babin Doesn't Compare Himself To Reggie White

Jason Babin's 18 sacks so far this season put him within reach of Reggie White's franchise record of 21. It actually also puts him within reach of Michael Strahan's NFL record 22.5, but it would take quite an effort to get there. However, despite putting up Reggie-like sack numbers this season, Jason Babin told WIP this week that what those guys did back then is a lot different than what he's doing now.

"You've got to remember something, too. Back then, I don't know if they passed as much. ... Nowadays, with how much they pass it, there's more opportunities. And when he did get the sacks, he flung people out of the way. He went over them; he made it look effortless."

It's also worth noting that Reggie got his 21 sacks in a strike shortened season that lasted only 12 games.

Despite the fact that he's got a shot to break the record, Babin says he's just not focusing on it.

I try not to look at it or think about it. I try and do what I do every week, have a good week of practice, watch film, work out, eat right, live right and play hard on Sunday. Honestly, whatever happens, happens."

For the full interview check out SRI.

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