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Donovan McNabb Passes Through Waivers Unclaimed

After the Vikings released him yesterday per his request, Donovan McNabb passed through waivers today unclaimed by any of the other 31 NFL teams. While this comes as a small surprise, given the number of quarterback-needy playoff contenders like the Bears and Texans, it's ultimately not entirely unexpected.

McNabb started his year out with a disastrous performance as the Vikings starting quarterback, landing himself on the bench after only six games and a record of 1-5. This fact, coupled with his abbreviated and unspectacular season with the Redskins points to the possibility that old number five might just not have anything left in the tank.

It's possible that teams were hesitant to pick up McNabb's $1.5 million contract from the Vikings, preferring instead to sign him for the league minimum now that he is a free agent. It's also very possible that another terrible performance by Caleb Hanie or a lackluster start by T.J. Yates on Sunday could prompt a phone call to McNabb's agent. However, if McNabb is indeed finished, it sure is a quiet way to end this once-great Eagle's career.

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