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2012 Eagles Mock Draft

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Since so many of you have been posting mock offseasons over in the fanposts, I figured there were would probably some interest in a mock draft. Our pal Dan Kadar from Mocking The Draft did a brand new two round mock today and the Eagles have three picks in those first two rounds. Here's a link to his full mock, but here are his picks for the Eagles.

11. Philadelphia Eagles - Luke Kuechly, MLB, Boston College
It's time to buck some trends. The Eagles are a team that rarely takes linebackers this early in the draft, but Kuechly needs to be the exception. If the Eagles want their defense to succeed, they need a smart, sure tackler like Kuechly. He's the kind of player who could make everyone else around him look better by masking their deficiencies.

43. Philadelphia Eagles - Robert Lester, FS, Alabama
The Eagles continue to have safety issues after unsuccessfully trying to replace Brian Dawkins.

45. Philadelphia Eagles (from Arizona Cardinals) - Brandon Thompson, DT, Clemson
After linebacker, the Eagles' defense has suffered this season because of poor play from the defensive tackles. Thompson would be a steal at this point and start immediately for Philadelphia.


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