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Have To Give Juan Castillo Credit For Recent Defensive Performance

We've all done a lot of bashing of Juan Castiilo this season and not without good reason either. But if we're going to bash him when things are bad, we've also got to credit him when things are good. Over these last two weeks, this Eagles defense has been really good.

They've held opponents to 10 and 19 points respectively. They've forced 7 turnovers and racked up 13 sacks. Plus, we've just overall seen much crisper tackling and simply better scheming from Castillo.

In the previous 5 games prior to playing the Eagles, the Dolphins were 4-1 and has scored 27.8 points per game. In fact, they put up 30 on the Bills Sunday. So it wasn't a case of the Eagle simply beating up a bad team.

The Jets were riding a three game winning streak going into Sunday and had been averaging 33 points a game over that time. Again, this was a hot offense that was cooled down in a big way when they faced this Eagles D.

Of course, it is just two games and this could very well all be too little too late for Juan. He's got two more games here to end the season and they could go a long way in determining whether he's back as a defensive coordinator next year.

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