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LeSean McCoy Could Break Long Standing TD Record Sunday

Two Eagles single season franchise TD records have stood since 1945 when Steve Van Buren rushed for 15 TDs and scored 18 overall. LeSean McCoy enters Sunday's game just one TD behind in each category with three games left to break those records, making it all but guaranteed he'll own them by the end of the year. Given that he's scored at least one TD in all but one game this season, you'd have to think there's a pretty strong chance he'll at least equal the record in front of the home crowd at the Linc tomorrow.

Marty Mornhinweg says that he's not really surprised that McCoy has turned into the kind of player he has.

"I do remember him coming out and he came out with an awful lot of very good backs, I liked them all very much. But I remember I liked him the best for us and I just thought he was dynamic, changes direction, the way he catches the football, the way he makes people miss, these sorts of things, I thought he was just a dynamic type player. So I didn't put much thought into what he could be but it certainly doesn't surprise me that he's had this type of year and this type of career so far."

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