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Eagles Wary Of Jets Red Zone Threat

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The Jets offense is a bit of an enigma. They're gaining the 8th fewest yards per game in the league, which would seem to mean that they're not particularly good at moving the ball. However, they are pretty good at punching the ball into the end zone. Actually, they're the best according to Ray Didinger.

It is all about the red zone. The Jets are the No. 1 red zone offense in the league. They have scored 30 touchdowns in 42 red zone possessions, a success rate of 71.4 percent, well ahead of both New England (63.2) and Green Bay (61.4).

As if their ability to convert red zone trips into TDs isn't scary enough, it's even worse considering how bad the Eagles are preventing TDs. They're ranked #30 in red zone defense.

Plaxico Burress has been a big deal for them in the red zone with 7 TDs, which by the way, is the same amount of TDs he's had in his last 7 games against the Eagles. Their running game, which doesn't even manage 4 yards per carry overall, becomes effective in the red zone, where they've got the 6th most rush TDs in the NFL. Juan Castillo credits the personnel.

"They have good players. Number 17 [WR Plaxico Burress], we all know Plaxico from the Giants days. When Eli would get in trouble, he would throw it up and 17 would come down with it. How many times would he hurt us? Now he's doing the same thing with the Jets. [WR Santonio] Holmes won a Super Bowl game in the end zone a couple years ago. Their tight end [Dustin Keller] is pretty good. They have really good backs and then #88 [WR Patrick Turner] is another big, tall target. They have some pretty good weapons down there."

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