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The Linc - Matchup Of Handsome Coaches This Weekend

NFL Week 15: Eagles Vs. Jets Preview - SB Nation Philly
The Eagles have a slight chance of making a miraculous turnaround, but perhaps the toughest challenge for the remainder of the '11 campaign will come on Sunday in the form of the Jets, who boast one of the league's top defenses and are looking to make their own statement en route to the playoffs.

Ryan Bellies Up To Reid | Philadelphia Inquirer | 12/15/2011
"Both of us are extremely handsome," Rex Ryan quipped, pausing expertly for laughter. "I think that's the thing that really jumps out at you. They say it's a big man's game, and there you have it: two of the biggest coaches in the league going at it."

Iggles Blitz " Blog Archive " Derek Freaking Landri
I can say without hyperbole that Derek Landri is god’s gift to mankind. Landri hasn’t cured cancer or solved world hunger, but that’s what the offseason is for. Right now Landri is focused on single-handedly destroying the New York Jets. I’m sure Rex Ryan is trying to find a way to put Landri on Revis Island. Go ahead Rexie, but be careful what you ask for. Revis just might get evicted. Welcome to Landri Land.

Under Review: Jets dangerous in red zone
There's a reason the Jets tout a decent record despite a struggling offense: their red-zone proficiency. Ray Didinger explains in Under Review.

McCoy still learning in prolific season
LeSean McCoy said that Sunday was the worst game of his pro career because he tried to make something out of nothing and lost yardage.

Division struggles in Pro Bowl voting - NFC East Blog - ESPN
A down year in the NFC East is reflected not just in the standings but in the Pro Bowl fan balloting as well. Fans' votes count for one-third of the final Pro Bowl decisions, which will be announced Dec. 27, so we won't know anything final until the player and coaches' votes are added in. But if it were up to the fans, as of now, our division would have just two Pro Bowl starters -- the Dallas Cowboys' DeMarcus Ware, who's the leading NFC vote-getter at outside linebacker, and the Philadelphia Eagles' Jason Babin, who's second in voting among NFC defensive ends.

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