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Andy Reid On Darrelle Revis & The Ryan Brothers

Andy Reid talked this week about a few topics relating to this weekend's game against the New York Jets. Most notably he offered some thoughts on how to gameplan against Darrelle Revis and talked about the Ryan brothers.

First on how to play Revis.

"You flip your receivers. So even if they don't flip their corners these guys...[WR] DeSean [Jackson] will be going against them, Jeremy will be going against them and so on and so forth. You don't worry too much about that, you go about your business and make sure that the routes aren't going to change according to whose covering you. And I'm not taking anything away from him [because] he's one of the best corners in the business. So if they do match them up, to answer your question, that's okay. And then, if they go right or left you're still going to have to play against him."

One strategy would be to sign Stevie Johnson, who is evidently the only guy Revis can't cover... But seriously, there's really no reason to assume Revis will spend all of his time on a single receiver in this game. I don't really see why the Jets would be more worried by Jackson than Maclin at this point.

Check out his thoughts on the Ryan brothers after the jump.

Andy says he gets along well with Rex Ryan thanks in part to his ties with the Eagles

"I have a good relationship with him. He's a good guy. He has some ties to the Eagles and he's always taken an interest in that, as his brother has, and his father."

Of course, his dad became pretty famous for his time here. Andy says that while there are some similarities between the way the Ryans do things, they're also different coaches.

"They share ideas I'm sure. And they do some of the same things. But they both have their own little wrinkle to the defense, it's not the same thing, and it's not exactly the same as their father's. And then some of that is they work, and they're both very good coaches, with the personnel that they have and trying to exploit the strengths of players that they have on their rosters."

The biggest difference is that Rex is a good coach with a long history of success. Rob is not a particularly good coach and has rarely had much success.

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