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The Linc - Jason Babin Is Being Jason Babin

QB hunter Babin doing exactly as expected
Jason Babin increased his sack total to 15 Sunday and has continued to do what's been expected of him since rejoining the Eagles.

Domo's Eagles-Dolphins Day-After Dissection | Eagletarian | 12/12/2011
When Juan Castillo has deserved criticism, which has been often in his first season as the Eagles’ defensive coordinator, I have criticized him. And when he’s done a good job, I haven’t hesitated to point that out either. On Sunday, Juan did a very good job.

Reid’s Roller Coaster Ride Continues
Andy Reid has had to deal with a lot of things this season aside from his team's effort. But he's happy to say that there are three games left and his team is still alive.

Shady rewrites record books – both ways
LeSean McCoy made history with only 38 yards on 27 carries, but nevertheless he continued to build on his historic season in a positive way.

Iggles Blitz " Blog Archive " Blown Assignments
The NFC East used to be all about great defense. This year…not so much. Anyone who saw the SNF game knows what I mean. There were multiple missing O-linemen. Starting RBs were suspended or injured. Each team had impact pass rushers. And yet…the teams combined for more than 70 points and almost 1,000 yards. Lousy defense.

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