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A Tale Of Two Failed Defensive Ends Made Good

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The leaders for the Eagles and Seahawks in sacks this season are Jason Babin (10) and Chris Clemons (8) respectively. This is a fact that would have been laughable to fans of these teams three years ago. The Eagles signed Chris Clemons as a free agent before the 2008 season. Over two years here never started a single game and racked up just seven total sacks. The Eagles traded Clemons and a fourth pick to the Seahawks for DE Darryl Tapp. Since then, Clemons has collected 18 sacks between this year and last.

As for Babin, he was traded to the Seahawks prior to the 2007 season. He appeared in just four games and had no sacks. He was traded away to the Chiefs midway through the 2008 season. Eventually he made his way to Tennessee and then Philadelphia where he's been hooked up with Jim Washburn and he's racked up 23 sacks between this year and last. Although Babin does have the distinction of having done nothing with both the Eagles and Seahawks, considering his first stint in Philly.

It's interesting for sure and the fact that each guy is now playing well does soften the blow of seeing them... play well.

For Babin's part he's still angry about the time he spent in Seattle and plans to let them know about it.

"My wife and kids were obviously with me both years in Seattle," Babin said. "It's not easy to play in a new place, not being wanted, and kind of being treated badly. You have your position coach not talking to you, and the head coach (Holmgren) telling you, ‘I didn't want you.'

"I'm going to let them know I didn't forget. I'll have that chip on my shoulder. If you're a professional, an alpha male, that's how you feel."

Now, let's be sure no one tells Babin that none of the people he's upset with are actually still in Seattle. We want an angry Babin. You won't like Jason Babin when he's angry.

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