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Kevin Kolb Thought He'd Be The Eagles QB For "A Long Time"

Reports are that it's unlikely that Kevin Kolb, one time Eagles QB of the future, will play this weekend when his Cardinals visit Philadelphia. Even so, it should be an interesting experience for Kolb, who at the start of last year thought that he was the QB of the present here. He told the Inquirer that he was planning on being with this group for the long haul.

"In my mind, in Philly, I was training to be there for a long time," Kolb said. "I was like, 'OK, this is going to be the system for life. We're going to be great here.' DeSean [Jackson] and [Jeremy] Maclin and LeSean [McCoy], those are going to be my guys. [Brent] Celek. And you got to reframe your whole mindset. That's a difficult thing."

Kolb also talked about his appreciation for the fans here.

"Once it's gone, you realize how great it was," Kolb said. "Everybody knows the reputation of the fans in Philly . . . Once you get outside and look, you realize it's not always just a negative thing to have fans boo when you're bad. Because there is passion there. And the fact that they care that much, it says a lot about how much you mean to that town and you come to work with a purpose every day and that's a pretty special thing. Not every fan is passionate in that way."