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The Linc - No Triumphant Return For Kevin Kolb

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Re-Focused - Bears @ Eagles, Week 9 |
Rookie sixth round pick Brian Rolle (+2.4, 57 snaps) continues to play well. Despite the added pressure placed on linebackers in Jim Washburn’s wide nine scheme, Rolle has performed best against the run with Monday night probably his best performance to date. He was active all game, finishing with four tackles (three stops), two assists and a couple of nice highlights to add to his young career

Iggles Blitz " Blog Archive " Rage Against The Eagles
I cannot stand dumb football. I understand some mistakes are going to get made in the heat of the moment. Joe Montana made bad reads. Reggie White jumped offsides. Mistakes are part of life. The problem last night is that we saw guys doing dumb things over and over. Maybe the worst of all was Brent Celek failing to get out of bounds late in the half.

Jarrett could start for concussed Allen | Philadelphia Inquirer | 11/08/2011
Nate Allen has yet to undergo testing for the concussion he suffered in the Eagles' 30-24 loss to Chicago on Monday night, leaving his status up in the air for next week. If Allen can't play against the Cardinals on Sunday, rookie Jaiquawn Jarret will likely get his first career start at safety. Jarrett jumped in for Allen after he went down in the first quarter.

Reports: Cardinals QB Kolb Unlikely To Face Eagles - Sports News Story - WSOC Charlotte
Looks like Kevin Kolb won't be making his triumphant return to Philly...

Video: Matt Millen Cries While Defending Joe Paterno Amid Jerry Sandusky Investigation - Four For Four - SB Nation Philly
Former Detroit Lions general manager and current ESPN analyst Matt Millen defended Penn State head coach Joe Paterno amid allegations stemming from the Jerry Sandusky investigation. Then, in an emotional on-air moment, the analyst began to cry during the segment.

Tuck: Eagles have talent but need chemistry
"I think everybody expected a little bit more [of the Eagles]," Tuck said. "I think with the talent they have on their football team, they can be one of the most dangerous teams in the league. When they put it together, the thing I was quoted saying is, ‘You can’t buy championships.’ And what I meant by that is, you’ve got to build chemistry."

John Skelton Over Kevin Kolb - It's Not The Stats - Revenge of the Birds
One Cardinals fan thinks John Skelton should the staring quarterback going forward.

Kevin Kolb Deal Poll, Halftime Version: Was It A Good Deal? - Revenge of the Birds
Our Cardinals blog is running a poll on whether the Kolb trade was a good idea...