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Reid: "We're Stopping Ourselves"

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Reporters pressed Andy Reid quite a bit today in his day after press conference. Specifically, he was asked to explain how the Eagles got to where they are right now?

"I've told you, it's the turnovers, it's penalties. I don't feel people are necessarily stopping us, that we're stopping ourselves, and we've got to take care of that. Right now that's what you can control, and so you go to work and make sure that you get that taken care of. And when we do those things, when we don't have the penalties, whether they're right or wrong, whether we agree with them or don't agree with them, or when we have turnovers, when we don't do those things, we're a pretty good football team. In fact, we're a really good football team."

Of course, the problem is, they "do those things" more often than they don't. A lot more often in fact.

And again, as has been the frustration all season, Andy recognizes the problem, says "we've got to get that fixed" and it doesn't get fixed. This is from October 12th.

Both sides of the ball need to do better, absolutely do better. We've got to take care of little things, everybody's got to do their job a little bit better, we've got to put the players in a better position to make plays.

And there's an example of a sentence just like that from almost every other press conference after one of these losses.

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