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Michael Vick On The Tough Road Ahead

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There was really no escaping the somber feeling amongst the Eagles last night. Michael Vick was subdued in his post game press conference and lamented the many missed opportunities that could have seen the Eagles get back .500.

"Obviously, tonight was a big game for us. We wanted to take advantage of the opportunity that we had to get back to 500 but you can't let opportunities like this slip away. I feel like we had a chance to win this game and we let it slip away but we have to put it behind us and just not let it happen again. Whatever happened tonight that can be corrected has to be corrected."

Vick says he knows that at 3-5 in third place in the NFC East, things don't look good.

"It's tough right now and obviously we've dug this hole ourselves and we have to dig ourselves out of it. The only thing we can do is take it one game at a time and try to learn from our mistakes. I know with myself, take a more aggressive approach and maybe study a bit more, do some things differently, try to find a way to go out and be the football player I know I can be. And I'm very disappointed in the last drive. We didn't score and usually in those situations I'm able to overcome and I couldn't do that for my football team today and I think, it hurts, but it's back to the drawing board and you have to figure it out."