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Trent Dilfer On Why Michael Vick Is Becoming "Unstoppable"

Trent Dilfer wrote a glowing piece about what he's seen from Michael Vick over the past few games, specifically with respect to how well he's reading defenses and how smart he's been in terms of running and throwing.

He looked at the tape of the Dallas game and concluded that the Cowboys weren't "unprepared" nor did they have a bad plan against the Eagles. In fact, the blitzes and coverage they ran have all worked well against Michael Vick and the Eagles in the past... the difference, according to Dilfer, is simply how well Vick read them.

Just watch the tape from the Washington game. On a late drive, he saw the linebacker front set to blitz and checked to a perimeter run right for LeSean McCoy. He did this again in the Cowboys game, foiling the Dallas plan again and again. It's important to see Vick continue to check into plays that utilize the talent around him, not his own legs. It's important for a guy who throws 100 mph to find a changeup. He's the most athletic player to ever play the position, but the fact is, defenses would rather see Vick run. It makes sense -- he's hitting 67.2 percent of his passes from the pocket, among the best in the league.

Which leads to the last adjustment he seems to be making: he's running selectively. For one thing, he knows he'll never last if he wants to run. Let's face it: He's not a big guy. Secondly, he might also see that he's not a good thrower in the play after he scrambles. The tape on this doesn't lie. When Vick takes off, he often makes poor decisions on the next throw; he gets tired, he becomes erratic and his throws get short.

With these adjustments, Vick doesn't just become better, the whole team does.

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