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Juan Castillo Says Matt Forte Is Not The Only Bear To Worry About

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Matt Forte is leading the Bears offense is virtually every category and while the Eagles defense will center around stopping him, Juan Castillo says they can't take Jay Cutler for granted.

"It is, but Jay Cutler is a great quarterback. The first four plays in the Vikings game, they played single safety, and four of the first six plays in the game were passes. I think that Mike Martz is a great coach and coordinator. People talk about Jay Cutler getting hit, and he's a warrior. That's a leader, he has a great arm, and he's one of the great quarterbacks in the NFL."

He also shared his thoughts on the state of the run defense as it prepares for its biggest test of the season so far.

"I think a couple of runs came right before the half when we were playing, I think they had 30 yards before that, and they had a big run. I have to do a better job lining up one of my guys. They had like 36 yards there so that makes over 60. When you look at the other runs, they were two, two, minus one, zero. We felt like we did what we had to do in that game and I think this presents a greater challenge. Forte is like our running back [LeSean McCoy], one of the best in the NFL."