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Andy Reid Talks Vick, McCoy, Bears

Usually I try to pull a few choice quotes about a particular point that Andy Reid addressed in his weekly press conference, but this time around I actually was interested in a lot of different things he had to say. So I figured we'd do a little longer post going over a lot of what Andy had to say.

First, he talked a lot about Michael Vick, specifically about how he's handled the blitz this year and how quickly he's been getting rid of the ball recently.

"Well, really he's done pretty well against the blitz since we started this thing. I've told you before, you're not going to hit every one against the blitz, that's not how it works, no quarterback does that. But he's made big strides in that area. That's an area that he wanted to get better at. Coming out of last season, that's a natural step with the offense. He learned the offense, got a good grasp of it, executed it well last year, and then this year he took it up, and is still working on that. It's a continuous thing, so he's still working on even getting better every day in all phases."

As for the Bears, he says at this point it's almost like they're a divisional opponent given how much they play.

"Listen, that's what I was saying at the beginning here, that I think they know us and we know them, and every time we play each other each of us adds a new little wrinkle. I'm sure they feel the same way. They have a pretty good grasp on what we do, and likewise with us."

He's also always been a fan of Matt Forte, but he's feeling better about the run defense.

"Well, we're getting better as we go. [Cowboys RB DeMarco] Murray had probably five runs there, pretty good runs, and then we were able to hold him down a little bit there. [Bears RB Matt] Forte is having a phenomenal of a year, that's a heck of a football player, man, I'll tell you. He did it in college; I remember watching him at Tulane. He did a great job there. He's a heck of a player."

Given that the Bears play a lot of Tampa Two and Cover 3 to take away deep passes, Andy was asked whether DeSean Jackson has been able to adjust to teams that play that way against him.

"You've seen him make some tough catches in traffic the past few weeks, and that's a tribute to him making the adjustment that needs to be made when they're playing that deep. He had a couple nice catches when we went against them last year, so we know that teams work on that and that you take your game to another level. He's added another dimension to it, and he's done that."

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