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Eagles Are The Second Worst Tackling Team In The NFL

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While this information shouldn't come as that big of a surprise to anyone who has watched this team this year, it is still a little shocking that things are this bad. Pro Football Focus published their list of the worst tackling teams in the league and guess who finds themselves right near the top of the list? Your Philadelphia Eagles.

They compiled their list using percentage of tackles missed, not merely the amount of missed tackles. By that measure, the Eagles are the second worst tackling team after only the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The Eagles have missed 69 tackles this season, or 13.24% of the tackles they've attempted. To put that in perspective, the 49ers and Cowboys, the two best tackling teams in the NFL, have missed 6.04% and 7.39% respectively.

And as PFF pointed out, the correlation between tackling and winning is pretty strong. Of the top 10 tackling teams in the league, 5 are currently leading their division. Three others are in second place.

But again, we already knew this was a problem.