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Michael Vick Has Never Beaten The Bears

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Whether he was the QB here or in Atlanta, Michael Vick does not have a win against the Chicago Bears as a starter. He's 0-4 in fact. He did play a small part in the Eagles 2009 win over the Bears, but that was back when he was the wildcat/gimmick understudy to Donovan McNabb. Plus, three of these losses came back in his ATL days and we know he's obviously a different player.

Still, it is an interesting stat and Vick was asked today why he's had trouble beating this particular franchise?

"I mean, they play a nice, tight, sound, disciplined scheme, and it's something that they've always been good at. And it's a ‘bend but don't break' mentality and they find ways to get it done, and in the past that's happened. So hopefully - I'm definitely confident this time I'll give ourselves the best chance to win the football game. And you know it's going to be tough but we have to put forth our best effort."

That "tight, disciplined scheme" he refers to the is "Tampa Two" which generally does a good job taking away deep passes. That's worked very well against the Eagles in the past, but as we saw last week they've started to be very effective against teams that try to scheme away their big play ability. TE Clay Harbor thinks the Eagles run game will force the Bears to play less of the big play prevention defense they've played this season.

"Chicago runs a tampa two mixed with some cover three, and I think this year they have gone a little more with three-deep safeties than they have in the past. Against us in the past, they have run more tampa two to take away our big plays. With our run game the way it is now, I don't think they'll be able to do that tampa two scheme as much and they'll move the linebackers in a little bit tighter to open up the pass game. A lot of times if you get after them with the two-deep, they'll move to the three-deep look more."