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Giants RB Ahmad Bradshaw Suffers Broken Foot According To Report

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This could have major implications on the Giants ability to hold on to the NFC East lead going forward. According to reports, Giants RB Ahmad Bradshaw has a cracked bone in his foot and could undergo surgery to fix it.

Giants running back Ahmad Bradshaw suffered a cracked bone in his foot during Sunday's game against the Dolphins and is out indefinitely, according to someone informed of Bradshaw's health status. The person, who requested anonymity because the Giants haven't provided full details on Bradshaw's injury, said the fifth-year veteran is mulling whether to have corrective surgery. Bradshaw has had similar issues with both feet and ankles in recent years and has undergone surgery to insert screws into his feet.

Outside of Eli Manning, you'd probably have to say Bradshaw is the Giants most valuable offensive player. Losing him would be a major blow.

[Update by JasonB, 11/03/11 2:12 PM EDT ] Adam Schefter is now citing a source who says that the injury is "not serious"

Person familar with Giants RB Ahmad Bradshaw's injury texted this: "Not serious injury - should play Sunday. No surgery (needed)."

So does that mean the report was wrong altogether or that they don't see a cracked bone in the foot as a serious injury? I suppose we'll see.