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Eagles Defensive Lowlights Vs Patriots

We started doing this top five defensive plays series the week after the Giants game, which was great because the Eagles defense played fantastic in that game. However, against the Patriots, I think we would struggle to find one good example of a defensive play worth praising. So we're looking at the worst instead. Here are the lowlights with the times you can find them at in the highlights after the jump.

No one covers Wes Welker (1:06) - It appeared that Joselio Hanson may have been playing zone and was supposed to pass off Welker to safety Nate Allen, but instead those two ended up standing next to each other as Welker strode by and caught the easiest TD pass of his life.

Brandon Hughes dives for nothing (:48) - Tom Brady is flushed out of the pocket on what looks like a broken play. The coverage seems to be pretty good at first, but Brady starts pointing out where he wants Deion Branch to go, fires a pass to him that Brandon Hughes helplessly dives at and misses (taking himself out of the play) and Branch catches the pass for a long gain.

Welker beats Hanson (1:45) - Brady completes a pass to Welker near the goal line. Joselio Hanson has Welker in front of him, but that doesn't matter as Welker just races past him to the pylon for a TD. Neither Curtis Marsh nor Nate Allen could get over to help.

Gronkowski blows by everyone (3:17) - We've generally liked the way Brian Rolle has played this season, but this is a not a pretty highlight. Rob Gronkowski blows by him on this play and neither Nate Allen or Kurt Coleman provide any help over the top.