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Eagles 2012 Draft: Should Luke Kuechly Be The Top Target?

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Linebacker may not be the only problem on this team, but it certainly is one of the problems. With the Eagles at this point looking at a pretty high pick, they might find themselves with their pick of the LB class this year, which seems pretty good, at least at the top. The ESPN guys, Mel Kiper and Todd McShay both released their latest big boards and both have Boston College's Luke Kuechly as the top LB and the 12th overall ranked player in this upcoming draft.


I'm simply enamored with his instincts and have fewer doubts that he'll succeed. Dependable, a tackling machine, he makes great reads, sees the play develop and sheds blockers well. Cementing his status.


Kuechly's elite instincts and ability to diagnose plays get him to the ball quickly and help mask his lack of elite athleticism. He's perhaps the most productive linebacker in the nation.

The question is, would the Eagles pull the trigger on a LB that high?