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History Is Against Eagles On Thursday Night

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The Eagles face a super quick turnaround this week as they take the longest possible trip to face any opponent flying across the country to face the Seahawks on Thursday night. The history of road teams with these short turnarounds is not great.

This season, the road team is 2-4 playing on Thursday night. However, it does bear mentioning that the teams who have won on the road are the Raiders, who only had to travel to San Diego and the Packers, who traveled one state over to Michigan. Oh and they're the best team in the NFL...

Last year, road teams were 4-6 on Thursdays. The road teams who won included the Patriots, Colts and Saints. In 2009, road teams were 4-5.

As I mentioned before, Seattle, by my estimation, is the furthest possible trip the Eagles could make. So not only are they on the road for a short turnaround, they have to fly to the Pacific Northwest and we all know how tough of a place Seattle is to play (just ask Baltimore or New Orleans). Just to add to the level of difficulty, the Seahawks are in the midst of a three week homestand.

This is a game we targeted as a tough one back when the schedule came out. Given the way the Eagles have played this season, it's only gotten that much harder since then.