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DeSean Jackson Benched In Eagles Loss

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It's been an interesting year for DeSean Jackson to say the least. He began the season expressing how much he wanted a new contract that pays him like a top 5 WR, but since then has spent the entire season proving why he doesn't deserve it. Jackson's season hit a new low when he was benched in the fourth quarter of yesterday's game not for any disciplinary reasons, but for poor play. Andy Reid wouldn't directly confirm this, but it was fairly obvious when his only response to a question about Jackson was,

"He has to do a better job."

The poor play was highlighted by two would be touchdown passes that DeSean just flat out dropped. He talked about those plays after the game.

"Yeah, things happen sometimes. As a player, I am upset about it. It wasn't one of my best games. As far as a couple of plays, I thought I could have had them, but at the end of the day, I didn't come up with them. I have to move on and make better plays. I know I am a better receiver, there are no excuses behind that, but I just didn't have my best game today. It's frustrating, but I have to figure it out."

And his reaction to the benching?

"I don't know. It was a decision that was made. As a player, I just have to live with it, it happened, and I have to keep coming to work, give my best effort and play hard. Come next week, I am going to make those plays"