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Breakdown: Eagles Awful At Home

I feel bad for Eagles season ticket holders. They've paid big money for their seats, from the PSLs to the yearly cost and they haven't gotten much value for that money in recent years. Over the past two seasons, the Eagles are just 4-11 at the Linc, including a 1-5 record so far this season. It's really an embarrassment. This team sells out every single home game months before they are played and yet this is how they reward us.

Home teams usually enjoy a pretty notable advantage in the NFL, but not these Eagles. They're literally the opposite. Over the past two seasons, they're 9-4 on the road. It's as if they have a home field disadvantage.

Consider this, Temple has won more games at the Linc this season than the Eagles. They were 5-2 at home this year. The Eagles only play at the Linc two more times this season, so they will end the their year with a worse record at their own stadium than their tenants.

The Sixers have won one fewer game in Philadelphia than the Eagles this season and they haven't even played due to the lockout. Plus, if the NBA season does in fact start on Christmas, as is the rumor, there's a really good chance that the Sixers will win a game at home before the the Eagles do this season.

As Ruben Frank pointed out today, when the Eagles return from Seattle later this week, they will have had just one home win in the last 365 days.

If that doesn't give Jeff Lurie pause, I don't know what will.