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The Linc - Jim Washburn Talks Wide Nine

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Eagles' Washburn keeps his faith in the wide nine - NFL - Wire -
Washburn may not read the criticism, but he hears it. And his beloved wide nine, in which the ends line up farther outside, thus creating wide gaps along the line, has been second to maybe coordinator Juan Castillo in being blamed for the ills of the Eagles defense. "That's the new thing to say - Eagles aren't worth (nothing) because they're playing the wide nine," Washburn said last week as the Eagles prepared for Sunday's game against the Patriots. "We're not worth (nothing), we're not worth (nothing). But it has very little to do with that."

Making wide-9 more effective with 8 linemen | Philadelphia Daily News | 11/25/2011
With Washburn regularly rotating eight players up front, the Eagles' pass rush has been one of the best in the league this season. They are tied for sixth in the league in sacks with 29 and second in sacks-per-pass play. But the second half of the season will be the real test of Washburn's less-snaps-is-more approach.

Chung, McCourty, Ochocinco and Connolly will sit against the Eagles |
The New England Patriots have ruled safety Patrick Chung (foot), cornerback Devin McCourty (shoulder), wide receiver Chad Ochocinco (hamstring), and center Dan Connolly (groin) out for Sunday’s game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Ex-Eagle Arrington shining with Patriots
In the span of three years, Kyle Arrington has gone from an obscure Eagles undrafted training camp castoff to a sure-fire Pro Bowl pick with the Patriots.

How the Eagles Can Beat the Patriots - SB Nation Philly
Is a game between the 4-6 Eagles and the 7-3 Patriots a mismatch? No. Here's how the Eagles can win.