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Vince Young Likely To Start Against Patriots

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Multiple outlets are reporting that Michael Vick will miss a second straight game as he recovers from broken ribs, however, NFL Network's Albert Breer says he has a "really good shot" at starting on Thursday against the Seahawks. That means that Vince Young will make his second straight start this weekend against the Patriots. With his second straight week of taking all the snaps with the starting offense, hopefully the rust is all gone and we can see more of the Vince Young we saw in the second half of last week's game.


Young says he's been preaching to the offense this week the importance of being able to bounce back no matter what happens.

"I just want to play the game, whatever happens. I've been preaching all week to the offense that we have four quarters to play. So if it starts off bad, have anything rough, make a mistake, put it in your past and get ready for the next series or the next play and just play hard, total four quarters and that's all you have to do."

VY was also asked what he thought about the last time he started against the Patriots.

"I mean, it went down to the wire. [When I was with the Titans] we've had some good games. Actually the funny thing about it is [CB] Asante [Samuel] picks me off and they win the game [laughing]. So thank God he's here and playing with us. They're a very respectable team and like I said earlier we just want to take care of the ball, be very patient, you're not [always] going to get the big runs but you have to be patient throughout the game and wait until they give you those types of throws, the deep throws and things like that. But the biggest thing from an offensive standpoint is we want to be patient in everything we do."