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Jeremy Maclin Practices, Michael Vick & DeSean Jackson Sit Out

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The Eagles are getting close to having their two top WRs back, but they're not there quite yet. Jeremy Maclin returned to practice today after missing last week's game with hamstring and shoulder injuries. However, DeSean Jackson will be watching from the sidelines with a swollen foot, which happened when he got stepped on by a Giants player at the end of Sunday's game. However, reporters say that Jackson isn't wearing a boot and is walking without a limp so it seems likely that he'll play this weekend.

Michael Vick is still sore after suffering broken ribs against the Cardinals and also will not practice today.

With Vick still sidelined, Vince Young continues to take the first team snaps at QB. Vick did throw a little the last two days, but apparently isn't feeling well enough to fully practice. Reid says that the short week next week (they play on Thursday night) won't factor into whether Vick plays Sunday. "If he's ready, he's ready" the coach said.