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The Eagles Offensive Line Won That Madden Heartburn Award Again

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The much maligned Eagles offensive line has become the first repeat winner of the Madden Protectors award as the best offensive line of the week. You may remember that the first time they won it, pretty much none of us even realized the award existed.

Philadelphia was able to notch their fourth win of the year, placing them two games out of first place with six weeks left in the season. The offensive line provided great protection all night for Young, allowing only one sack. In the fourth quarter, the Eagles O-Line anchored an 80 yard drive over 18 plays that lasted 8:51, converting six third downs along the way while not committing any penalties or allowing a single sack.

"For the Eagles to win they needed to protect Vince Young, and they did a great job of that against the Giants," said Pro Football Hall of Fame Coach JOHN MADDEN.

And just so we're sure the corporate synergy is in effect, the NFL wants you to know that the Eagles offensive line protected Vince Young just like Prilosec OTC protects you from heartburn!

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